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This is a private on-line membership site (esp. for Filipinos) to learn how to make money on-line so that they will have TIME and FINANCIAL FREEDOM for their own families. Internet is an ocean of money because millions and billions of dollars are available anytime for your taking. The best way to start a new business is by using the internet!

Why Internet?  There are 2.5 billion users and it will rise to 3 billion in 5 to10 years time. In the system that we use, you can become millionaires in a short span of time.  In social networks alone like Facebook, there are 500 million users worldwide. We cannot deny that there is really business in the internet. We have to think differently… in order to create wealth we have to help others in their problems and 90% of people say they have financial problems. That is why, BMC was born.

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Bayanihan Millionaires Club